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We specialize in building custom solutions for the technology industry. Whether your needs involve data migration or in-depth analysis, our comprehensive services cover it all.

Let's Automate Together

Let's collaborate to automate system management and data synchronization across all platforms, ensuring accuracy without manual intervention. Eliminate manual identity management tasks and save valuable time by automating your processes.

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Empowering the Technology Industry: How We Can Make a Difference

Developing automated systems to handle routine tasks, enabling you to concentrate on more significant work.

With over a decade of experience in the IT industry, we understand the challenges posed by repetitive tasks. Our approach begins with a thorough comprehension of your issues, followed by a high-level strategic discussion of a solution.

To better tailor our services, it would be valuable to gain insights into your existing infrastructure. Our expertise lies in leveraging Microsoft Azure, along with its powerful ETL toolset, to craft tailored environments for both you and your company.

We will require a comprehensive understanding of your:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Identity Management Systems
  • IT Security Systems
  • Labour Management/HRMS Systems
  • Device Management Systems
  • Service Desk Systems
  • Data Warehouses

Our comprehensive solutions are specifically designed to integrate data streams from various sources including HR, Financial, and IT systems.

By doing so, we guarantee accuracy in identity management for our clients. This not only optimizes operational efficiency but also ensures a cohesive approach towards identity management, enhancing security and compliance measures.

Examples Include:

  • Automate data flow from HRMS systems to all other IT and organizational systems.
  • Establish MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) policies to safeguard company data and devices with security.
  • Enhance your Service Desk Management system to facilitate communication between users and IT, ensuring an optimal user experience.

We offer support contracts encompassing alert monitoring and change implementation on your behalf. By opting for these contracts, there's no necessity to hire extra staff after the automation pipelines have been implemented. This allows you to concentrate on your core strengths without the burden of additional staffing concerns.

Platforms We've Worked With

Throughout our involvement in the restaurant industry, we've gained expertise across a wide range of platforms.

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