Client Care Solutions

We specialize in building custom solutions for the client care and healthcare industry. Whether your needs involve data migration or in-depth analysis, our comprehensive services cover it all.

Elevate Client Focus

Leave the heavy lifting to us while you focus on ensuring the health and well-being of your clients. Our custom solutions are designed to streamline your back-office data processes, allowing you to devote more time and attention to what matters most.

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Empowering the Client Care & Healthcare Industry: How We Can Make a Difference

Developing automated systems to handle routine tasks, enabling you to concentrate on more significant work.

With over a decade of experience in the IT industry, we understand the challenges posed by repetitive tasks. Our approach begins with a thorough comprehension of your issues, followed by a high-level strategic discussion of a solution.

To better tailor our services, it would be valuable to gain insights into your existing infrastructure. Our expertise lies in leveraging Microsoft Azure, along with its powerful ETL toolset, to craft tailored environments for both you and your company.

We will require a comprehensive understanding of your:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Client Care & Healthcare Industry (Payment Systems, Labour Management/HRMS Systems, Financial Systems, Client Records Systems)
  • Data Warehouses

Our integrations ensure smooth data exchange between HR and IT systems. Additionally, our automation extracts data from client records systems, empowering BI analytics and deeper insights.

This eliminates the need for manual report exports and imports, providing updates on between HR, Financial & IT systems and freeing up valuable time for you and your team to focus on the people you serve.

Examples Include:

  • Automating HR changes between your HRMS system and your IT systems.
  • Automating the flow of data from your client records systems to data warehouses for further analysis.
  • Creating BI dashboards that are refreshed with daily, insightful data and key performance indicators (KPIs).

We offer support contracts encompassing alert monitoring and change implementation on your behalf. By opting for these contracts, there's no necessity to hire extra staff after the automation pipelines have been implemented. This allows you to concentrate on your core strengths without the burden of additional staffing concerns.

Platforms We've Worked With

Throughout our involvement in the client care industry, we've gained expertise across a wide range of platforms.

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